Penghu-Selected Best 10 secret island by Lonely Planet  

Lonely Planet highly praised "its nostalgic aura, the beauty of the islands,
the sites for green turtle breeding and impressive windsurfing experience"

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Very welcome to Penghu. It's the Ocean Paridise of Taiwan
Most beaches in Penghu are white sand beaches consisting of broken shells and fine coral pieces. :

Pescardores-The True Formosa:
Four hundred years ago, when Portuguese first came to Penghu, they call the islands “Pescodores” and “Formosa” for Taiwan. One of our Canadian friends comment on this, he said “ I traveled from mainland Taiwan to Penghu , I discovered the true Formosa is in Penghu.”

amazing white-sand beaches, basalt columns (among World Heritage), friendly residents, nice guest hosts, interesting ocean tours

Penghu - named 'best secret islands' by Lonely Planet
The travel guide highly praised the beauty of the Penghu Islands for preserving distinctive traditional Taiwanese culture, as well as unspoiled and intoxicating natural scenery. It took particular note of Penghu’s basalt cliffs, stone fish traps, stone walls and the protected areas for green sea turtle breeding.

The guide also recommended some of the well-known scenic spots and tourist attractions for visit, and further mentions the fact that endangered green sea turtles would nest on its beaches from May to October each year. The travel guide also picked Penghu for an adrenaline-filled windsurfing experience and a perfect tropical island vacation destination.

Beaches - The whole sea shore line is 270 kilometers and it has more than 100 beaches. Each one is its own type. 
Among them, Shanshuei Beach has golden sands, a wet land for birds, an exciting cliff to over look the whole beach, and some amazing spots for snorkeling diving.
 Shili Beach has  white shell sand, and it’s safe enough to attract tourists to go swimming , kayaking and windsurfing.


Aimen is proud of its longest beach line in penhgu. There are some trees above the beach, so it becomes the most popular beach to go on a camp.
  Wangankou Beach in Wanan Island is famous for its green turtles laying eggs during summer season. The water there is also crystally clear.

The most beautiful scenery is under the sea level.
We have abundant coral reef and tropical fish, so scuba and snorkeling diving are the most favorable activities in Penghu.
For ocean sports, kayaking and windsurfing are the most exciting ones during summer and winter season. Through them, you can see beautiful seashores lines around Penghu.
Because of ecological abundance along the seashore , you can enjoy the ecosystem in the tidy zone. That will surely impress you the most during your staying here in Penghu.

World Famous Basalt Cliff Formations
Our basalt cliff formations used to be one candidate of World Heritage. Many islands in Penghu have this kind of special volcanical stones.
In summer, many kinds of birds stand on the stone. There are six kinds of seagulls flocking all around Penghu Islands. You are inclined to be attracted by them.

Love Penghu Homestay/ MACO, Yang and Friends

Friendly Residents

The residents have happy personalities. They are friendly, sincere, and willing to help(even if most of them don't speak English). We like to share the best features, including kind instructions、local food, easy attitude to the worldwide guests.


Besides nature beauty, the humanity aspect shows you the benefits of traditional society-fisherman cultures, interesting folklore, safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Sansui Beach, Pescardores


 Penghu Islands is truly a wonderful place for recreation. This German couple in the left photo is our first foreign guests in 2004.

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