Tours in Penghu

Sansuei Adventure Tour

Penghu named ‘best secret islands’ by Lonely Planet

for preserving distinctive traditional Taiwanese culture as well as unspoiled natural scenery.

Its ocean and sky retain clear and blue hues---a clean area that can hardly be found elsewhere on Taiwan’s island.

The following are the most popular tours in Penghu.



stone wall field

(1)Riding around the main island

Exploring the southern route (near our guesthouses)- Fonkuei wave erosion cave, Suokang worship tower, Sansui beach, Shili beach, Aimen park and seashore

Go the the northern part- the 2km cross-isle bridge, the 300-year-old banyan tree, lighthouse...(The northern route is over 50km and you'd better arrange half day.)


Love Penghu Tour/Kayaking
(2) Marine activities- snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, wind-surfing, sailing...

Snorkeling in Penghu will reward you with up-close views of many exotic fish. There are some wonderful snorkeling spots in our neighborhood.

Kayaking along the seashore is very worthwhile and impressive. The best tour for a kayaking beginner is to start from Shihli Beach. Experienced coaches will give you some basic trainings beforehand. Advanced routes such as cross-strait or exploring to another isle are also available.

Penghu Aimen beach and seashore

Kuei-Bi Mt. in Husi
(3) Enjoying beaches and tidy-zone

The seashore in Penghu is over 270km!

Shili, Sansui and Aimen are the three best beaches in our neighborhood. Just go to the beaches and you feel relaxed.

Penghu has wide tidy-zone and it's worthwhile to explore.  You can see marine creatures. You even can walk to another isle during low tide. (The road appearing in the sea like Moses' story is in Husi's Kuei-Bi Mt.


Jibei beach


Chimei double heart

(4) 1 Day tour to the northern, southern or eastern isles

Northern isle: Jibei (famous for water activities & unique drop-shaped beach)

Southern isles: Chimei (double-heart shape spot, basalt cliffs and lion stone), Wang-An (sea turtles, beaches)

Eastern isles: Bird isle (stone-walled fields, tidy zone activities...)


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